Become a business partner

Are you a koidealer ?, or do you want to become one ?
Are you looking for a reliable partner with an extensive experience for many years in the world of Nishikigoi ?, then we are the right company for you.
We have been doing business with the Japanese koi breeders for many years and because of this, we can purchase the best fishes for the best possible prices and offer it to our dealers within our network.
Some benefits for you !!
Without an significant investing amount ,The associated dealers within our network could use our brandname but also our fish stock in our database.
Off course you can travel with us and make your own purchases at the breeders in Japan but an other option is that we make the purchases for you as this will save you staying and travel expenses.
We will arrange the shipping of all fishes you have purchased, this can be arranged for most countries in the world.
If you like to Become a business partner or would you like to have some additionale information, please fill in the complete form and click the Submit button.